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The Verdict from Tempurpedic Reviews

Tempurpedic is a top brand for consumers who are in the market searching for a better bed, and Tempurpedic reviews can offer a glimpse into customer satisfaction.  While this bed certainly has its perks, is it really the best?  For consumers, it is important to see how these mattresses match up so they are making the very best choice for their needs. Here is an overview of reviews on the Tempurpedic brand, compiled from their website and third party review websites.

From Tempurpedic Reviews: Is it really the best mattress?

Tempurpedic has become a household name for consumers, but popularity may not mean it is the best mattress. Several people own one of these mattresses or know someone who does. So, what makes this mattress such a quick sell?

Tempurpedic reviews prove good for comfort.

One of the number one advantages that memory foam mattresses like Tempurpedic have is comfort. Memory foam is consistently rated higher than other mattress types, and Tempurpedic reviews indicate a majority of customers are satisfied on this aspect.  The material that makes this bed so comfortable was first developed by NASA through impressive advanced technologies, and first marketed by Tempurpedic – granting it recognizable status.

The memory foam in the mattresses is designed to curve to your body so that the bed naturally molds to your shape. This eliminates feeling the movement of others throughout the night and also has proven to be a pain reliever because the body is being adequately supported.  Finally, a mattress designed for light sleepers.

Pregnant women or people with aches and pains appreciate this mattress because it relieves pressure in key areas. This is because quality memory foam beds do not have springs to push up against the sleeper, bolstering the pressure relieving benefits of the memory foam.

Despite the memory foam being rated as comfortable in Tempurpedic reviews and created by thorough research, it does have some drawbacks, both health and environment related.

Not the best mattress for the environment.

Allergic reactions are more common with this mattress than springs and natural foams simply because of how many chemicals are in its make-up.  Some of the most common symptoms from Tempurpedic Reviews are: nausea, vomiting, restlessness, and itchy eyes. Anyone that is prone to chemical allergies would most likely have a reaction to this mattress.

While most of the complaints about the Tempurpedic are benign, the most common complaint is the odor.  The memory foam is compiled of several chemicals, one of which is polyurethane. This chemical in particular produces a harsh smell which latches to the memory foam. It can take several weeks for this smell to completely go away. The manufacturer keeps the actual chemical makeup a closely guarded secret so it is difficult to say exactly what chemicals are contributing to the off gassing, but petrochemicals and other VOCs are the likely culprits.

As far as environmental impact, the Tempurpedic certainly has one. The mattresses are made with petroleum-based chemicals. Petroleum produces harmful emissions into the environment which ultimately leads to more pollution, not to mention the constant use of natural resources. The manufacturing process and offgassing add pollutants to air and the environment.

Not the best bed for hot sleepers.

The Tempurpedic bed is designed to be weight sensitive and that is what makes it able to frame to your body. However, the visco elastic properties that enable this conformity are also heat sensitive.  Much of the foam is created with an open-cell technology and special covers that are supposed to increase the airflow of the mattress. Some consumers have reported on Tempurpedic reviews that they have an increased body temperature. While this doesn’t necessarily lead to any serious ailments, it can cause a discomfort. Coolness plays a big role in sleep quality, and is cited as one of the biggest turn offs for the brand.


As far as price, the Tempurpedic is among the most expensive of popular brands.  A queen size mattress averages $3200, but depending on the size and extras buyers could easily pay over $7,000.  This averages 30-60% higher than leading competitors. However, the warranty is similar if not better than other brands with a 10 year non-prorated warranty followed by another 10 years of prorated warranty. The fact remains however, that comparably-rated mattresses, and even healthier, cooler memory foam mattresses, are available at much more affordable prices. However, Tempurpedic has a solid history for being pretty much as expected once purchased. While some consumers may be detracted because of the negative implications, overall the brand has earned its place among the best mattress brands according to Tempurpedic reviews – but it still worth considering other options in the quest for your best mattress.

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2 Responses to The Verdict from Tempurpedic Reviews

  1. Zaylyn says:

    We purchased the Rhapsody Breeze Queen Mattress with the 5 inch foundation in April, 2013. Note that Tempur-pedic requires the use of its own foundation in order to have a valid mattress warranty. We have solid steel slats bolted to the bed sides with center feet, as recommended by Tempur-pedic, so our bed support for the foundation and mattress is not an issue.

    Thus far, Tempur-pedic has been unable to deliver a 5 inch foundation to us without a manufacturing defect. We have received THREE queen 5” foundations from Tempur-pedic in 2013, all with defective ribs or horizontal wood cross braces. One or both dislodge from the foundation box, making the foundation unstable.

    If you hear creaking sounds coming from your Tempur-pedic foundation, check for a broken rib by running your hand along the side. If the rib or wood cross brace has dropped below the level of the foundation frame, it is broken, and you should contact Tempur-pedic customer service for a warranty foundation replacement.

  2. Tony Parker says:

    I just got a new queen size 8″ tempurpedic with medium softness, and so far its great! My only concern is this bed is much softer than the demo in the store, and I’m a little worried the sun coming in from the bedroom window is making the foam weaker, because one side seems softer than the other, subsequently the side by the exposed sunlight, so I’m not sure if its just the bed breaking in, or if I should return it considering it is $2,500 investment!

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