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Top Adjustable Bed Brands

If you are in the market for a new adjustable base, a good starting point is learning about the top adjustable bed brands available. Overall, about 8.5/10 of adjustable bed reviews report satisfaction, which is extremely high for any type of bed. Primary considerations in comparing adjustable bed brands include pricing, availability, warranties, motor type, adjustability, and customer adjustable bed reviews. This report does not include mattress satisfaction ratings as they are often sold separately (see our post about the Best Rated Mattress Brands for more information). Read on to learn more about where to find the top adjustable bed brands as well as their pricing and reviews.

Top 4 Adjustable Bed Brands

These are the top adjustable bed brands according to sales, popularity and ratings. The quality and features can vary widely, so shoppers should check out all options and compare to find the best value for their needs. It is also important to read what is included as well as excluded by warranties. Keep in mind that many of the adjustable bed brands below offer private label services for mattress retailers like Tempurpedic and Serta, an important aspect for comparing prices and features across retailers.


Top Adjustable Bed Brands - Amerisleep Ergo Invincible

Amerisleep Ergo Invincible

Features of the Ergo Invincible adjustable bed from Amerisleep received the most positive reviews of any of the adjustable bed brands we researched. In consumer reviews is was ranked 4.7/5 stars, and offers exceptionally good value for the price, $1999 for queen and $3798 for split king model. It offers a One Touch Zero Gravity system which is a position known to reduce lower back pain, as well as eliminating pressure points. Remote controls allow for ease of adjustment from any position. The design of the Ergo Invincible keeps you near nightstands and takes up less space than beds from some manufacturers, and removable legs allow for a wide range of applications. The Ergo Invincible offers a 20 year limited warranty with 1 year full, 2 years motor, 5 years parts and remainder prorated.

97% of reviewers would recommend the Ergo Invincible adjustable bed to friends or family. Reviewers remarked on their satisfaction with the support this bed provided as well as quiet operation, reliability, massage, zero gravity and the flat button, which is useful for quickly returning the bed to a flat sleeping position. The Ergo Invincible Adjustable Bed is available online and can be ordered in a variety of sizes including twin, full, queen and split king with mid-range pricing.

Amerisleep is one of the few memory foam retailers who use plant-based memory foam for their mattresses. These are known to produce less odors and fewer VOCs than their petroleum-based counterparts. Eco-conscious shoppers will appreciate that plant oils are used in these mattresses to reduce the amount of petroleum in the mattress and is considered more sustainable.

Leggett and Platt

Leggett and Platt Prodigy Adjustable Bed

Leggett & Platt Prodigy

The Leggett and Platt beds vary in price from $1300-2800 for a queen size, depending upon the model. Reviewers report only an 84% overall satisfaction rate for all models combined, though in fairness the line ranges from very basic to high tech.

Their luxury model, the Prodigy, allows operation via not only the remote control but also through the use of an iPhone. It advertises an anti-snoring feature which allows one person to adjust their partner’s position while they are sleeping, however this could be easily accomplished with any adjustable bed remote. The Prodigy receives the highest ratings, near 5/5 stars, though cost is around $1700 for queen and $2900 for split models.

Leggett and Platt S-Cape Adjustable Bed

Leggett & Platt S-Cape

Leggett and Platt’s most popular adjustable bed is the S-Cape, which tends to rate around 4.5/5 stars and offers the essential features like massage, wireless controls, and programmable buttons. The S-Cape retails for about $1450 for queen and $2500 for split king and queens. All Leggett and Platt Lifestyle collection adjustable bases feature lifetime limited warranties, with 1 year full, 2 year parts, and lifetime mechanical coverage (motor and electronics excluded). These adjustable bases can be purchased online through numerous resellers.


Reverie 5D Adjustable Bed

Reverie 5D Deluxe

Reverie is a U.S. manufacturer that sells branded and private label adjustable beds. In fact, Reverie provides Tempurpedic with their adjustable bed bases. Overall, consumer adjustable bed reviews reflect a 92% customer satisfaction rating for the line. Their warranty is a 20-year lifetime limited with full coverage for the first year, with exclusions on motors, electrical components and electronics after 1-3 years depending upon which model is chosen. Pricing varies, starting at around $1000 for the basic model and going up from there. The most popular model appears to be the Reverie-5D, which offers massage, zero gravity, and a mobile operation app. Consumers looking at the Tempur Ergo line may do well to comparison shop as its features are similar to other models without the brand name markup. The Reverie beds are available through a variety of retailers online and off.


Craftmatic Model I Adjustable Bed

Craftmatic Model I

Craftmatic beds have been heavily advertised through the years and many people, especially older generations, are aware of the name. Verified consumer adjustable bed reviews are hard to find for Craftmatic, with most reviews only available on their own website in the form of about 10 testimonials, all 5 stars. On external sites, the reviews tend to exhibit more 1 star comments than 5 star, resulting in average ratings of about 3/5 stars. Craftmatic adjustables are also very hard to get accurate pricing for. This used to require a home visit by a salesperson, however consumer pressure in recent years has shifted their business model to phone sales. Due to the heavy advertising, the markup is known to be high on these beds and the warranties range between a few years to lifetime limited on motor. The website is not clear on all return/exchange and repair policies.

Information is limited, but from what reviews are available the Model 1 appears to be most popular. This adjustable bed comes with massage and a programmable wireless control. The beds are only available on the brand’s website, and must be ordered by phone. Because pricing is not provided up front, many consumers remain leery of getting overcharged. While the name does offer some recognizability, it has declined in favor in recent years with the entrance of more open adjustable bed brands and more affordable options.

Overview of Adjustable Bed Brands

Overall, we have shown that it is possible to find good adjustable bed brands at reasonable prices with a little research. No matter what your needs or budget, it is always a good idea to read adjustable bed reviews and specifications before settling on one that is overpriced and without a solid warranty.

The Ergo Invincible Adjustable bed offers luxury features at an economical price. The warranty is one of the few that covers motors, the adjustability and functions are state of the art, and it is available in a range of sizes to suit all needs. Hopefully you have gained some insights from this list of top adjustable bed brands, making the research process a little easier and less overwhelming.

Adjustable beds bring excitement and comfort to the bedroom. Don’t let the adjustable dream cloud your judgement. Shop wisely and you will find a good deal.

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  1. Cherye Riggs says:

    Need ur help! Worship my craftmatic bed. All of a sudden, my control totally stopped working

    • Best Mattress Brand says:

      Hello! We’d suggest contacting the customer service department or the warranty contact info that came with your base. Craftmatic products are only sold direct by the brand, so if you need a replacement remote that’d be the place to start. Other troubleshooting tips: replace the batteries, make sure the base unit is connected properly, and try resetting the electronic unit. Hope you get it working!

  2. lorraine drake says:

    can I return a mattress if I dont except it in my home if its not what I want. like say its to soft or hard. dont want to pay shipping fees to craftmatic- told her I wanted to check it on the truck to make sure its what I ordered she said I can only check it in the house thank you lorraione

    • Best Mattress Brand says:


      Returns will depend on the brand. For many adjustable bed sellers, they only accept returns or exchanges on the mattress part, with the adjustable bases being non-returnable. The brands that come with attached mattresses may have different policies. Several adjustable bed sellers use what’s called “white glove” delivery where the deliverer sets the bed up in your home, so that policy isn’t entirely uncommon. It’s definitely still smart to inspect all boxes before they begin unpacking and document any potential damage with photographs/notes on the bill of lading, however. Hope this helps!

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