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Mattress Brands to Watch in 2013

Newly developed manufacturing techniques indicate upswings in healthy market trends, providing insight into the mattress brands to watch in 2013. Affordability, healthier living, and supreme comfort with full-body support have contributed to manufacturers changing the way they make beds. Natural and eco-friendly mattress brands continue to surge in popularity due to environmentally conscious consumers, and perhaps more importantly, the fact that they don’t envelope the sleeping consumer in dangerous VOC’s. Adjustable beds combined with memory foam or latex mattress are becoming more popular according to various mattress retailers and the trend is expected to continue. For an overview of previous trends, check out our post on the top mattress headlines of 2012.

And the Top Mattress Brands Are…

We have compiled a list of top mattress brands to watch in 2013 and beyond, combined with the features which contribute to their popularity. As people continue to value their health, comfort, support, the environment and value, we feel these lines will offer the best products on the market based on consumer ranked criteria and reviews.

Amerisleep’s Memory Foam

Amerisleep is quickly growing in popularity with consumers among memory foam mattress brands. We feel this is at least partially due to their line of plant-based memory foam. Traditional memory foam is created using polyurethane from petrochemicals, which has been placed under the microscope due to its continual release of dangerous VOCs, consumer complaints of “sleeping hot” and concerns regarding the environment. The plant-based memory foam used by Amerisleep provides nine times higher breathability than traditional which translates into cooler sleep. It is made in the U.S.A. without creating dangerous chemical emissions, making it a winner with eco-friendly consumers as well. We will be keeping an eye on this brand to see how it fares in the new year and how competition reacts to the natural factor.

Sealy’s Merger

Sealy will be merging with Tempurpedic this year if all goes well, which adds this company to our line of mattress brands to watch in 2013. It will be interesting to see where they take this line and whether the merger will affect their offerings and branding, although they are currently expecting to keep operations relatively separated.

Astrabeds’s Latex

Astrabeds focuses on natural latex mattresses and proprietary adjustable bed systems. Their Ergostar Evolution is the most-rated adjustable base online due in part to its features, and we will be watching to see if it continues gaining popularity in the next year. Features of the Ergostar Evolution include the ability to use it with traditional furniture, Wall Hugging design, Zero Gravity, and ability to adjust elevations to nearly any combination using the remote control. The use of a natural latex mattress with adjustable base is used to eliminate pressure points while providing conforming support to maximize comfort and relaxation, and latex mattresses are proving extremely popular in their own right now as well.

Tempurpedic’s Trends

We will also be watching Tempurpedic to see whether their sales continue to slip or if their new Breeze and Simplicity models will be able to prop it back up. The company has changed much of its U.S. based marketing strategy to counteract a trending slump in sales over the past year. Finally acknowledging the impact of marketplace competitors, the brand attempted to come back by offering longer warranties and cheaper options.

Serta’s iComfort

Serta made a splash in 2012 with their new line of gel memory foam and aggressive marketing campaigns. One thing to watch in the next year is whether the Serta iComfort line can back their claims of cooler sleep, when both plant-based and Tempur foams have been shown to sleep cooler. Last week, Serta announced a voluntarily stop to their direct comparisons with Tempurpedic mattresses as a result of the BBB’s advertising arm finding a lack of supporting evidence. As more consumer reviews come in, time will tell.

Mattress Brands & Mattress Trends

Keeping up with the latest improvements and developments offered by mattress brands, including plant based memory foam will help consumers recognize which features are available that suit their needs. Recognizing that we spend nearly one-third of our lives sleeping makes it imperative that we not only receive the support our spines require, but also that we eliminate dangerous chemicals from our bedrooms. Choosing natural latex mattresses or plant based memory foam mattresses are two of the best options health-wise, while combining them with adjustable bases improves circulation. Respiratory problems also benefit from elevating the upper body, while people who suffer back pain appreciate the ability to slightly elevate their feet, making adjustable beds one of the hottest products in the industry. With market trends edging towards natural products, affordability, and enhanced comfort, these top mattress brands to watch in 2013 should provide some interesting headlines in the coming year.

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