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Brand Overview: Serta Mattress Reviews

Serta is a leading brand of mattresses, and assessing available Serta mattress reviews helps shed light on the pros and cons of owning this particular kind of bed. Consumers have provided a lot of insight into what it is like after you leave the showroom and have a Serta mattress in your home on a daily basis. In our recent report about the best mattress brands of 2012, the Serta brand ranked as on of the top companies. This post will outline what customers have to say about Serta mattresses, a helpful tool in determining if they are the best mattress options for your needs.

The Pros and Cons of Serta Mattress Reviews

Serta mattress reviews include a wide range of viewpoints that really answer the question of whether or not this bed is worth the purchase. Reviews are beneficial for consumers because this is what the seller won’t tell you about the mattress and also highlights what the best feature of this product is.

 Pros from Serta Mattress Reviews

Overall, the pros for Serta mattress reviews indicate that this brand is not only a great option for comfort, but also affordable. Prices for a Serta mattress can vary depending on features, but the average range is $500-2500 for a queen bed. Customers are impressed that Serta is economically achievable without having to sacrifice comfort. Serta has proven to assist with muscle and joint pain and some models have decreased motion sensitivity.

Another pro about the Serta mattress lines is that most off-gas little to no odor. As consumers are aware, many of the other top brands have a distinct chemical smell for a few weeks after purchase. Only a small percentage of Serta mattress owners have been able to smell any odor at all which puts this bed well above brands like Tempurpedic in off gassing.

Customers have indicated very few complaints with heat retention with Serta mattresses. Some of the other types of beds such as latex and memory foam have a slightly higher complaint rate for heat problems, but iswell below the numbers of complaints that other leading brands have for their memory foam mattresses.

Cons from Serta Mattress Reviews

Like any other brand, Serta does offer a few cons. Most of the cons center on various models that are lower end that do not provide as much durability and comfort as other brands. Some reviews indicate that movement can cause some sound that can disrupt sleep. There are also a higher number of complaints about sagging and visible body impressions in the bed that seem to come along much faster than in other mattresses. A few consumers have indicated that Serta is best used as a guest bed because it is comfortable but can sag very quickly with regular use.

The lifespan of these mattresses seems to be the biggest cause for complaint. Most Serta mattresses have an average life span of four to six years, but sagging can be apparent after only one year. A few reviews indicate that firmer mattress options tend to have less sagging over a period of time than the softer beds. However, there are some indications that softer beds may feel lumpy quicker than firm beds. Consumers also indicate that side sleeping can be a problem with Serta mattresses because of inadequate support for pressure points of the hip and shoulder area.

While there are some Serta options that are better for motion, a number of consumers indicate that there are several models that do very little to lessen motion transfer. In fact, some reviews state that Serta is well below average in guarding a sleeper from movement.

Verdict for Serta Mattresses

The results of most of the Serta Mattress Reviews indicate that this brand is practical in price and offers as much comfort as its leading competitors. The cons mostly center on Serta not being as long lasting or durable, but this varies greatly depending on model type. While it is in prime new condition, Serta offers quality comfort, but it may not be in prime shape as long as other mattresses.

For those in the market for a reasonably priced mattress, Serta offers many options but remains comparable to other brands in terms of customer satisfaction and comfort – meaning its still worth checking out other options before committing.  If you have a new bed in mind or are just beginning your search, always check out the Serta mattress reviews and reviews for competing brands to see which offers the best value and comfort potential.

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  1. S. Lipinski says:

    I purchased the Serta Perfect Night (De Vanny) Firm mattress set on August 31, 2014. It is now October 21, 2014 and I see that it is beginning to sag. This is rediculous! This is worst than the mattress set that I replaced. I weigh only 190 lbs. The brand sucks. Their rating should be no stars. The sales person insisted that this was a great buy and is warranted for 10 years. The manufacturer warranty read that the warranty only covers mattresses that have sagged 1.5″. Who can get proper sleep if they are sleeping in a hole with their body out of alignment? Their must be laws to protect the consumers.

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